Zayna Ratty

I'm a Hypno-Psychotherapist, Trainee UKCP, Associate NCH, specialist in G.S.R.D (Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diversity), LGBTQIA+, QTIPoC, BAME, Consensual Non Monogamy and Poly, based in Oxford.

Stonewall PoC and Schools Role Model, I write Mental Health, LGBTQIA+ and Intersectionality, & Diversity training and Audits for Charities & Corporations.

My voluntary work includes being CEO of LGBTQ+Asylum, Chair and Executive Trustee of award winning charity OxFriend, and Community Liaison Officer for Oxford Pride. One of my latest projects is as Oxford University LGBTQIA+ Support Group lead.

I'm an academic Board member and presenter at NCHP, Oxford University, T.V.P L.A.G.L.O, Polyday, Lets Talk Queer PoC, Brum Bi Fest, Reading LGBTQ+History Month, and Oxford Pride Queer Panel Chair.

I write and speak about proxemics, intersectionality, cultural identity, and contribute to DIVA magazine, Cosmopolitan, and multi media domain contributor on Mental Health and PoC issues.

I also, recently, was Chair of the Race & Ethnicity Panel at Pink Therapy Conference of March 2019.

I founded the Queer PoC Therapist Network with the aim to unite and be a central hub for clients and media to source therapists who identify as Queer and PoC.