World Eating Disorder Action Day – Kel O’Neill

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O'Neill K & Wilson J (2017). World Eating Disorder Action Day. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 02/06/2017].

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June 2nd is World Eating Disorder Action Day, and this year to start some action Kel is planning to commence a regular slot with onlinevents on the topic. During today’s session, we will be taking a look at the ‘nine truths about Eating Disorders’ as presented by the Crew of the film ‘to the bone’, along with lots of opportunity for questions.

About Kel O'Neill


Kel O'Neill

Kel O’Neill is a Counsellor, Trainer, and Supervisor with a special interest in the area of Eating Disorders. Kel has spent much of the last 12 years working in this field in a variety of roles and is ever passionate about sharing her experiences, and using her knowledge for the benefit of others.

As a Counsellor, Kel works with eating disorder related concerns as well as a variety of other issues within her own private practice. She also offers traditional Counselling Supervision, as well as providing case specific consultation for Counsellors requiring extra input while working with a client with an Eating Disorder.

Kel delivers a variety of workshops on this subject – which are ran across the country and works with a growing number of educational establishments to offer course input.


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