Why It Can Be Helpful To See The Partners Separately – Maggi McAllister-MacGregor

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About Maggi McAllister-MacGregor


I have been working as a qualified counselor since 2000, after completing a Diploma in Counselling at Strathclyde University, coming from a previous background in Bodywork. I have been a trainer on the PG Diploma in Counselling at Strathclyde University since 2005. Much of my interest in my work with clients is centered around how our body-mind interacts and how clients experience feeling safe within the counseling process. Related to this is a long-standing interest in neuroscience which has informed my practice and teaching over the years. Understanding how our nervous systems influence our perceptions of the world and our physiology has deepened both my self-understanding and also my understanding of client process resulting in a more compassionate approach to my work.


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