PCA and Trauma – Michael Sims

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Sims M & Wilson J (2017). PCA and Trauma. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.onlinevents.co.uk/trauma-pca-and-trauma-michael-sims/. [Last Accessed 28/06/2017].

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PCA Dialogue with Trauma.

Looking at trauma through the lens of person-centred theory and practice, how is trauma understood within the person-centred paradigm? Whilst engaging in a theoretical dialogue with other models of trauma, e.g. cognitive models and developmental models; and looking at how person-centred theory and practitioners relate to other models of trauma.

About Michael Sims


Michael Sims

I'm a HE and FE program coordinator, trainer, lecturer, and practicing psychotherapist in the south of England. I specialise in the person centre approach and will be completing my PhD this year. Trauma, sexuality, adoption, politics in psychotherapy, spirituality, and mental health are my main areas of interest.


Website: www.counsellingsalisbury.com