Two Trust Building Questions When Working With Culture & Trauma – Olivia Djouadi


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Djouadi O & Wilson J (2017). Two Trust Building Questions When Working With Culture & Trauma. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 07/02/2017].

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Trauma can be infused with cultural aspects that can have varied meanings to both clients and practitioners. We are surrounded with news of other countries, religions and differences. I hope to talk about holding perspectives while doing the intricate work involved with trauma. Our clients may also hold perspectives as well which it's important to explore.


1st Learning Objective:
Trauma within a culture can be confusing as what is normal becomes complicated when harm takes place.

2nd Learning Objective:
Varied cultures can be a platform to connect and learn more.

3rd Learning Objective:
How may another's cultures (or even our own) view counselling?

About Olivia Djouadi


Olivia Djouadi

I work online with adults as an integrative UKCP psychotherapist and counsellor. My focus is on chronic illness, trauma, and dissociation; I have also been a type 1 diabetic since 1973 and also educate on behalf of DiabetesUK.

I trained at Birkbeck, CAPP (The John Bowlby Centre), Online Training Ltd, and Regents University London. I have also taken courses in trauma and dissociative disorders with experts in the field within the UK. I continue to update my knowledge yearly with both experiential and academic courses. I also learn from the experience of life.

Over the years, I have worked online as a support person to those with special needs and also with dissociative disorders. In the past, I volunteered with refugees and those who found themselves homeless in London. I am knowledgeable about short term and long term disabilities.

I have also taken courses in trauma, psychopathology, integrative therapy, online counseling, and humanistic therapy. I continuously update my knowledge on a yearly basis, so I can be helpful to those I assist.

I also spoke at the OCTIA Conference about Online counselling and: Whats an unseen disability & possible ethical concerns? I also wrote a chapter called Using creativity in online supervision and chronic illness, for Anne Stokes book Online Supervision.


Website: Olivia Djouadi UKCP Trauma and Stress Expert
Twitter: @OliviaDjouadi
Facebook Page: Online counselling and supervision with Olivia

Ch. 14 - Using creativity in online supervision and chronic illness (OLIVIA DJOUADI)
from the book: "Online Supervision – Anne Stokes" - (May 2018)