#TA: Belonging – Lis Heath (TSTA)

Suggested Reference

Heath L (2017). Belonging. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.onlinevents.co.uk/transactional-analysis-cumbrian-conference-lis-heath-tsta/. [Last Accessed 04/03/2017].

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In this Keynote, Lis helps us think about Belonging and what it means to us personally and collectively.

This Keynote was recorded at the Transactional Analysis Cumbrian Conference 2017

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About Lis Heath


Lis Heath

Lis Heath is a TA psychotherpist, trainer, and supervisor with extensive national and international experience.  Lis has also been involved in promoting training and supervision in the area of Body Psychotherapy and co-founded and run the Northern College for Body Psychotherapy in Kendal for more than ten years.


Website: www.ncbp.org.uk