Therapist As Living Recorder of the Therapy – Nicoleta Gheorghe


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Gheorghe N & Wilson J (2017). Therapist As Living Recorder of the Therapy. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 04/07/2017].

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The event focused on the consequences of trauma in a relational framework. We explored the complex interaction between the intra-psychic process and the external reality from a transactional analysis informed perspective.

The traumatic experience of a child is internalized in toxic Parent/Child relational units. This internal reality is distorting the perception of external reality, leading to staging the life script and its consolidation. The therapeutic relationship allows creating an "affective bridge" between the therapist and the client, which could lead to cognitively and affectively integrate that experience. The experience of trauma is formed around the triad of helplessness, terror, and lack of meaning that results in an arrest in development or in a disorganized structure. The therapy considers increasing the Adult’s capacity to create a coherent narrative of the trauma and aims at unblocking that fundamental moment of insecurity in order to later be experimented in a different way. In the future, this capacity of the Adult will allow the client to move from acting out to reflection.

The therapeutic relationship plays an important role, together with the process of analyzing and using transference and counter-transference. It's crucial to pay attention to the relations between Ego States in order to facilitate inner reorganization and healing.

About Nicoleta Gheorghe


Nicoleta Gheorghe

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, certified in transactional analysis, and PTSTA-P (provisional teaching and supervising transactional analyst - psychotherapy). I have an independent private practice of psychotherapy, supervision, and training in Bucharest, Romania. Before that, I was a mathematics teacher for 15 years and then a trainer in a multinational company. Together with my colleague Diana Deaconu, I wrote and published this year an article in Transactional Analysis Journal (TAJ).


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