Therapist Invisibility Does Not Make For Good Therapy! – Gillian Proctor


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Proctor G & Wilson J (2017). Therapist Invisibility Does Not Make For Good Therapy!. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 11/09/2017].

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To discuss the new edition of my book on power in therapy. To describe how my thinking has changed since the first edition and the most important points for therapists to consider with respect to power in therapy.

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About Gillian Proctor


Gillian Proctor

I am a clinical psychologist and person centred therapist. I am the programme leader for the MA in psychotherapy and counselling which teaches a relational and integrative approach. I am passionate about ethics, politics, and power, and how we all negotiate our own and others' needs and desires in relationships. My aim is for mutuality but I find it an elusive concept which is an ongoing struggle to achieve.




The Dynamics of Power in Counselling and Psychotherapy: Ethics, Politics and Practice (2nd edition) - 25th April 2017

Values and Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy - 14th March 2014

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