The Digital mHealth Conversation Series 2019

A warm welcome to the Digital mHealth Conversation Series 2019, live streamed & recorded by onlinevents! We ran a digital mHealth conversation every fortnight over the summer and autumn of 2019. These are available to watch again below.

Over 2017/8 MindTech and the James Lind Alliance identified the Top 10 questions for digital technology in mental healthcare, these were filtered down from an initial 1350 questions, submitted by people with lived experience and health professionals. It is their intention that these will guide the funders of research to ensure that future research is focused on answering these questions and that the potential of digital technology for mental health can be fully realised.

For each conversation, we invited a panel drawn from a variety of therapy traditions, some of the Academy and Onlinevents team, and some external guests.

The Academy and Onlinevents were so inspired by these questions, and the reasoning behind them that we have decided to use them as the focus for a series of structured conversations hosted by The Academy and Onlinevents on the future of digital mental health care. This included both online therapy and digital impact on face-to-face therapy.

We hoped that these questions helped inform us about a vision for the future of mental health care and challenged the current way we deliver research, training, and therapy.

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The recordings are part of the onlinevents library. There is a small subscription charge for colleagues to view the video, log their learning, and collect a CPD Certificate.   Find out more about Onlinevents Library HERE