Onlinevents Testimonials


"The Onlinevents CDP Library allows me to attend interesting and informative workshops or seminars from my location of choice, at a time that suits me and at very reasonable cost. It’s an amazing resource!"

"Life saver, I work as an on line and live in Germany, so in terms of getting my CPD IT IS GOD SENT"

"Being self employed means you need to find affordable CPD and that’s where you guys come in! I’m still feeling the after effects of your “working at relational depth in supervision”. In a positive way! The reminder to just sit with not knowing has been fantastic" - Gill Dunkerley

"I really appreciate OnlineEvents, both in terms of their online CPD and library resources, as well as the inclusive community spirit which they foster. Both the resources, and being part of such a community, has helped me enormously to progress through my counselling studies and to challenge and enable me to grow and develop in my practice. Thanks so much for all you do!"

"Being a counsellor is an isolated business and its good to know that Saz and John are only a click away on my Smartphone 😊 Living in rural Lincolnshire it is extremely practical to be able to take part in online training events for CPD"

"I am so pleased I found this site. The talks and on line events have helped me enormously, particularly during training. The subjects are thought provoking, providing material for assignments and the ideas and suggestions shared amongst those that join the group discussions continue to be a huge support in my placements. Thank you and keep up the great work !"

"I appreciate the wonderful resources that Sandra and John offer to therapists. Their genuineness, helpfulness and friendliness always stand out for me"

"To me, Onlinevents is an opened window over the world: either the international world and the world of all different approaches on our work. My practice is continuosly enriched by these points of view and my mind grows up from the challenge to watch. Even, it seems like a new tool in an old enviromment: we all seat out our homes and chat in the evening drinking a tea, the same we Italian have always done along the years! Thanks to John and Saz for this great work and to all colleagues for their sharing!"

"This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people whilst learning and sharing vital pieces for an enormous therapeutic puzzle via Online Events. Thanks for making it possible"

"I have loved loved loved listening to the recordings. An invaluable collection of knowledge and experience. Thank you onlinevents!"

"Thank you for the emails and the events. I often don't get to watch them live, due to work commitments also I spend some time abroad. I do appreciate the ability to watch them from the library. The Autumn programme looks very interesting. Thank you."

"I really enjoy your excellent online events and library. They really support one being more professional. Well done"

"Thank you very much for replying so quickly which is much appreciated. I think your organisation is absolutely fantastic! I use the library in particular with facility to pause the training and make notes which is very helpful."