The Stroke Economy In Organisations: 3 Top Tips – Richard Maun


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Maun R & Wilson J (2017). The Stroke Economy In Organisations: 3 Top Tips. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 23/05/2017].

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When we work in organisations and with any client, we can build confidence and change patterns of behaviour by offering hearty strokes. A stroke in this context is a unit of recognition and, in this workshop, we will explore the wonderful world of conditional and unconditional strokes. We will highlight how we can encourage leaders to motivate people and how we can improve our sales skills. We will share three tops tips and, as always, there’s a story for you about how strokes lead to a change in working life for a busy colleague. Give yourself a positive stroke and join us for this fun and informative event.

About Richard Maun


Richard Maun

Richard Maun is an international executive development specialist, with over 20 years of organisational experience. He has senior level management experience, published six business and career books, and has developed large and small organisations.

His approach combines Transactional Analysis and Lean Thinking with his broad knowledge of business excellence.

Richard also has Recognised Teacher status at Cranfield University, where he teaches business skills to MSc and Doctoral students.

He also hosts the weekly Business Life show on Future Radio.


Twitter: @RichardMaun
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