Spotting the Discounts: 3 Top Tips – Richard Maun


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Maun R & Wilson J (2017). Spotting the Discounts: 3 Top Tips. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 21/06/2017].

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When we distort or ignore information, we are said to be 'discounting' and in this event, we will look at how this concept from Transactional Analysis can be applied in organisations. How can we spot a discount? How do we know if we are discounting? What can we do about this?

In this event, Richard answered these questions, shared fun stories, and offered 3 top tips for you to take away. And of course, if you thought you didn't need to listen in, maybe you were discounting something?!

About Richard Maun


Richard Maun

Hello there, I'm Richard. I use TA in organisational settings to support senior managers who are stuck, trying to make a change, or need to unpick a thorny problem. TA is very applicable and is designed to be shared, so works well in business settings. I have also run businesses, worked as an executive development specialist, and I love telling stories (which is a great way to learn). Catch me on Twitter @RichardMaun and say hello back!


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