3 Top Tips for Contracting – Richard Maun


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Maun R & Wilson J (2017). 3 Top Tips for Contracting. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.onlinevents.co.uk/ta-in-organisations-richard-maun-blog/. [Last Accessed 07/02/2017].

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We will look closer at how Transactional Analysis can be used in organisations, starting with the idea of Contracting. TA is often referred to as a ‘contracted psychotherapy’ and it’s surprising how little people know about organisational contracting when setting tasks, leading teams, and making sure everyone is heading in the right direction. When things go wrong, all roads lead back to the contract or lack of it!

In this event, Richard will share TA contracting models, reveal how poor contracting cost him money in the early days of his business, and share 3 top tips. If you’re in business, then success or failure can all hinge on the contract you make, so do book the time and date in your diary and join us. And as per the contract, we will be there on time!

About Richard Maun


Richard Maun

Richard Maun

Richard Maun is an international executive development specialist, with over 20 years of organisational experience. He has senior level management experience, published six business and career books and has developed large and small organisations.

His approach combines Transactional Analysis and Lean Thinking with his broad knowledge of business excellence.

Richard also has Recognised Teacher status at Cranfield University, where he teaches business skills to MSc and Doctoral students.

He also hosts the weekly Business Life show on Future Radio.


Website: www.richardmaun.com
Twitter: @RichardMaun