Sharon Shaw

After five years of studying psychotherapeutic models with Leeds Beckett University and exploring my own personal development within safe connections (tutors), essay writing, and personal counselling, I decided to setup my own business subcontracting my services to local schools and building my own private client base. However, even though I knew I had emotionally healed from past trauma, I still didn't feel fully free, mentally I wasn't free, I still had lots of fear. I felt more empowered to keep listening to what I now know as my intuition. My intuitive knowing was telling me to take time and go deeper within myself, now that I had more self-awareness into my personal process of healing and to write books to help and/or inspire others.

I felt safe enough to do this with having my personal counsellor, mum, and other safe connections around me, to explore deeper without getting stuck in my processes whether that be in thought or emotion and share this within my writing. My first book offers simple language through telling my life story and at times analysing myself through the knowledge I now have and listening to my intuition. This gave me a deeper understanding into my development from early childhood mentally and emotionally. I hope my story and analysis will show others this too. To show my personal after effects internally and externally from experiencing childhood abuse, sexual, emotional, mental, and other life traumas - through sharing truthfully my internal process of thoughts, emotions, and at times dysfunctional behaviour and attachments. My book also shows at times my development of self-awareness from reflecting, learning, and listening to that deeper thought/voice, my intuition, which I believe we all have but not many of us listen to.


A Child Inside: Understanding, Healing and Freedom - Following Childhood Abuse and Trauma – Sharon Shaw - (January 2018)