Sandra Wilson

Known as 'Saz' around social media; I'm a social media coach, the creator of the 2019 Social Media Planner for Private Practice, and the co-founder of Onlinevents CPD.

I support therapists as they start to use social media to promote their private practice. Being visible online can make therapists feel vulnerable but, at the same time, in the today's world of accessible technology, it is often an essential part of promoting their practice. Online is where people are searching now for goods and services, including therapy.

Specialising in the 'How To' of social media marketing, I teach therapists how to get started with different platforms, how to create content, how to use free tools, and how to create a regular ongoing online presence without having to be on their phone or at their PC every day. Support from me is in the form of 1-1 online coaching, a free Facebook community, and an Online Content Planner (an image and caption for every day of the year).

I really believe the more people start to see and hear therapists on Social Media, the stigma of 'going to therapy' will start to change. Through social media, people will become aware of the faces and voices of the therapists in their local community. This can make it easier for them to take the step to reach out and book a session for themselves, or even encourage a friend or family member to reach out to someone they can talk to. I am here to support therapists in growing and enriching their practice.

Sandra Wilson

Therapists Social Media Coach

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