Politics, Groups and Group Facilitation – Will Stillwell

Suggested Reference

Stillwell W, & Wilson J (2020). Politics, Groups and Group Facilitation – Will Stillwell. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.onlinevents.co.uk/politics-groups-and-group-facilitation-will-stillwell/. [Last Accessed 13/02/2020].

Event Details

In this conversation between Will Stillwell and John Wilson they discuss politics, groups and group facilitation.

They are both practitioners of Person-centred Group Facilitation and are passionate about the role of the group in both personal and global human transformation.

Group process is often much more difficult and painful than group participants expect and yet the staying with and being able to experience the challenges is often what emerges transformation. Will and John talk about their own experience of these challenges and how they aspire to meet them in the moment to moment experience of group work.

Will and John are both facilitators on the La Jolla Programme which is a group project of the Center for the Studies of the Person, the organisation co-founded by Carl Rogers in San Diego.

Details of the La Jolla Programme and how to participate can be found on the link below.