Personal Mindset – The Business Skills Hour with Richard Maun


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Maun R & Wilson J (2016). Personal Mindset – The Business Skills Hour with Richard Maun. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 10/02/2016].

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In this hour…

We talked about the fundamental building block to success; our personal mindset. Do you think if yourself as a practitioner or a business exec?

We shared permissions and discussed Okness and how it’s ok to learn and to find a persona that works for us.

Set yourself up for success and join us for this lively and useful workshop.

About Richard Maun


Richard Maun

Richard Maun is an international executive development specialist, with over 20 years of organisational experience. He has senior level management experience, published six business and career books and has developed large and small organisations.

His approach combines Transactional Analysis and Lean Thinking with his broad knowledge of business excellence.

Richard also has Recognised Teacher status at Cranfield University, where he teaches business skills to MSc and Doctoral students.

He also hosts the weekly Business Life show on Future Radio.


Twitter: @RichardMaun
Facebook Page: Richard Maun - Business Coach