Mary McHugh

I have a Masters in Mindfulness Based Interventions from University College Dublin. I'm a qualified Psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the counselling field. Accredited with IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy), the ICP (Irish Counselling and Psychotherapy), and the RCNI (Rape Crisis Network of Ireland).

I have worked with Irish Society of Protection of Cruelty to Children, CURA (a crisis pregnancy counselling service), Mayo Women Support Services, The Irish Carers Association, and in second level schools delivering programmes in whole body wellness. Currently, I volunteer some hours to Mayo Rape Crisis Centre. I'm an experienced group facilitator and give workshops on Mindful Living, Parenting, and Stress Reduction.

I also played a vital role as instigator in the growth and management of a Suicide Prevention Page on a Social Networking Site. Immediately, whilst growing this page, it became very obvious how society was changing and the mediums through which we were communicate was also changing. I, at that time, felt I had to tap deeper into my senses as I did not have the sense of sound and sight while working with, at times, very distraught people. To my amazement, it worked; I was connecting with people at a very deep level. The Suicide Prevention Page was thriving and growing which also gave me the deep knowing that this work was for me and I was capable of being with and managing it. This I did by holding clear ethical boundaries and by being a loving witness. I managed the workings of the page which was open 20 hours a day, and also managed and provided educative workshops for the 25-30 team administrators.

I am passionate about people and their empowerment; I believe so many of us can give our power away too easily. I have a deep belief in the equality of the human being and will go to great lengths to support groups who have been marginalized in today's world.

My journey has been very gracious, humbling one laden with gifts of the heart. I take a warm, compassionate, and holistic approach while being with my clients and their personal challenges. I provide a safe and non-judgmental space, enabling the client to begin to explore what is happening for them. I look forward to being your witness as you courageously begin your journey towards healing and peace of mind.