Managing the Changing Frame of the Therapeutic Relationship in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic – Stephen Andrew & Zoë Krupka

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Andrew S, Krupka Z, & Wilson J (2020). Managing the Changing Frame of the Therapeutic Relationship in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 09/04/2020].

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The global COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have meant that many counsellors and psychotherapists are working with clients over virtual platforms at short notice.

While there is ample information to help therapists navigate the ethics, practicalities, and logistics of online work, why is this transition experience so varied? What are some therapists doing to help themselves and their clients more easily adapt to web based connection?

What can this experience of enforced distance and shared vulnerability teach us about the true 'frame' of therapy?

Stephen Andrew and Zoe Krupka discussed their experiences of this liminal space as therapists, teachers, and supervisors, with a focus on the specific interpersonal challenges and opportunities of a mandated eTherapy space.

About Stephen Andrew


I have been actively involved in psychotherapy for nearly thirty years as a therapist, teacher, author, editor, and researcher. I have practiced therapy in private and public health settings, and hold a particular interest in the quality and experience of the therapeutic alliance. I have taught in psychology and counselling programs in a number of tertiary settings, and coordinated two Masters of Counselling programs. As a researcher, my publications include 'Searching for an Autoethnographic Ethic', a book that addresses the ethical issues of researching via memoir. In a former life, I wrote for the music press. I currently work in my private practice and as editor of the Australian journal 'Psychotherapy & Counselling Today'.

Stephen Andrew

About Zoë Krupka


I am a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked as a writer, case manager, researcher, advocate, counsellor, group facilitator, and supervisor since 1992. I currently lecture and supervise research at The Cairnmillar Institute and write for various media outlets.

You can find my blog and a full collection of my media publications and appearances at 'ZOEKRUPKA.COM' and my academic publications on 'ResearchGate'.

Zoë Krupka