Mamood Ahmad

I am a Clinical Psychotherapist (UKCP) working in Private Practice in the village of Binfield, Berkshire. I specialize in client perspectives of therapy and how that aligns with practice. I'm a coach for consumers of therapy and author of the #empoweringyourtherapy series of books.

I'm passionate about Wing Chun, Philosophy, and more recently, the writings of Marcel Proust. At the moment, I am less passionate about one-sided relationships.


Books by Mamood Ahmad:
1) Getting the Best Start in Your Therapy (Empowering Your Therapy Book 1) - (October 2018)
2) Secret Life of Therapy: Demonstrated and Explained! (Empowering Your Therapy Book 2) - (October 2018)
3) 40 Ways to Unlock your Therapy Process (Empowering Your Therapy Book 3) - (November 2018)
4) Essential Skills for Your Therapy (Empowering Your Therapy Book 4) - (December 2018)
5) 21 Rules for Success in Therapy - (June 2019)