Kim McCabe

I have been the Director of Rites for Girls since it got founded in 2011 and am a home-educating mother of three. As originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together programmes, I offer year-long groups for girls with simultaneous support for their mothers. I studied child psychology at Cambridge University, was a counsellor to distressed teenagers, and taught sex education in schools and youth groups. I also trained as an assertiveness trainer, a 5Rhythms shamanic dance teacher, and a business management consultant. After thirty years of researching and working with young people, I have found a way to support girls healthily through their teens. I'm also the author of the book 'From Daughter to Woman, Parenting Girls Safely Through Their Teens' published by Robinson Publishing in 2018.


From Daughter to Woman: Parenting Girls Safely Through Their Teens – Kim McCabe - (July 2018)