Kevin Guthrie

I have many years of experience in working with people, a history of around 25 years.

Moving from a role in the NHS 6 years ago in to private practise. A job that feels like a dream come true, the ability to work with a client through their journey in a way that is best for them.

During a 10 year role with the NHS, I worked with the LGBTQ+ community, working one to one with service users, and delivering awareness sessions around gender and sexuality into schools, health setting's, and other professionals.

In private practise, I continue to work with the LGBTQ+ community and continue to deliver awareness raising session to other therapists, in the hopes that I can bring a greater understanding and support to this often misunderstood community.

"We seem to have developed an environment where it is assumed that it is now okay to be LGBTQ, that its okay to say things like "it's a shame your gay, your quite handsome". We live in a world here in the UK that is far more accepting of difference, yet historically, being "accepted" for being human should never have been a thing. We live in a very heterosexist world where we still have to come out. If we don’t come out, it can be assumed that we are heterosexual. We can get married now which is fantastic, yet still might struggle to have the day of our dreams in a church."

Along with others in my field, I continue to highlight the need for true equality, not just in my specialised area of LGBTQ but for all marginalised communities. I believe strongly in the fact that we, the human race, made difference and diversity, "not the norm". So now its up to us to unpick this uneducated history.

Kevin Guthrie



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