Jenny Florence

I am the Founder of the A-Z of Emotional Health on-line Library which is a Free Public Resource dedicated to promoting Emotional Health and Wellness. I am the Author of two #1 International Bestselling books, "7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy" and "Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness". I am also a Huffington Post blogger and contributor.

Having previously worked in Private Practise as a UK Accredited Counsellor for over 26 years, I have chosen to take a career change and prioritize my writing and speaking to raise the awareness of emotional literacy.

I speak and write about the role of emotions and the complex psychological principles that underpin our therapeutic work in a language that is accessible to both professionals and lay people alike, combining the knowledge of emotional intelligence with practical and pragmatic support.


Books by Jenny Florence:
1) 7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy, a Practical Guide: The Spiritual Philosophy of Emotional Intelligence. Learn to Listen. Change your Life: Volume 1 (The Intelligence of Our Emotions) - (July 2016)
2) Mindfulness Meets Emotional Awareness: 7 Steps to learn the Language of your Emotions. Change your Perspective. Change your Life: Volume 2 (The Intelligence of Our Emotions) - (October 2017)
3) Be Brilliant! How to Be Extraordinary: The A-Z Guide to Emotional Health and Wellness - (February 2018)

Jenny Florence

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Jenny Florence


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