How To Take Care Of Our Ego To Stay Present – Samuel Magill

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Samuel Magill

I began learning about coaching in about 1993 when I studied with the Traditional Acupuncture Institute of Columbia, Maryland, USA. The basic question for those of us not inserting needles was, "What question can he offer that would open life for this other person?" Then, I studied at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara where founder, Frederik Hudson, focused on "inside-out" learning. I was invited to the faculty and taught coaching for a number of years. Finally, I stumbled into coaching supervision and studied at the Coaching Supervision Academy, UK. Now, I lead their programs in France and North America. I live near Seattle Washington, am a photographer, a bit of a poet, and spend as much time as I can in nature.


Website: Sam Magill
Poem: Harvest Timing – Sam Magill (an Excerpt from "Fully Human")