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The Nature-Based, Soulcentric Development Wheel – Wendy Robertson Fyfe

July 23 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm BST

Wendy Robertson Fyfe

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This event will offer an outline and illustration of The Soulcentric Development Wheel which is a nature-based model of human development. The model is based on nearly 40 years of research by Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute. The model expresses 8 stages of human development including 9 passages to mature Adulthood and Elderhood. It proposes that life-enhancing cultures are rooted in transpersonal experience and revelation.

The Development Wheel is a way of engaging with the tasks of each stage as necessary in a full and healthy life. It is a way of cultivating relationship with soul moving from an ego-centric life to a more healthy eco-centric life towards embodying our unique truth "at the centre of the image you were born with" and soulcentric living (D. Whyte). Bill Plotkin states "The human soul is a person's ultimate place in the more-than-human world" pg 31.

Each stage of the Development Wheel has important contributions to make and has both nature and culture tasks. Our current culture has focused on the Cultural tasks without the Nature tasks. It is Mystery who moves us from one stage to the next when each stage's tasks are complete enough. In this sense, it is not the Passages themselves that is of main importance but the work between them that make Passages possible; Passages are not 'a given' at any stage. The model guides us from a patho-adolescent culture to a shift in human consciousness towards a soulcentric culture. What might happen if we, for example, re-orientated our education, economic, and political structures accordingly.

This event is not a training, it is an opportunity to begin to hear about and explore this visionary model for our urgent time. Reading 'Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World' by Bill Plotkin PhD is recommended beforehand, but not essential. This event is offered with kind permission of Bill Plotkin.


Animas Valley Institute

Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World – Bill Plotkin - (March 2008)

About Wendy Robertson Fyfe



I'm a Renaissance woman; a nature-based soul-centric guide and mentor, poet, writer, psychosynthesis psychotherapist, and photographer. I previously worked as a Cultural Historian, researching the development and professionalism of/allies between medicine and law from the 19th Century in England with regard to redefining women's bodies and social roles and then Associate Lecturer at The Open University in Scotland. In 1995, The Wild, in the form of an Autumn Spruce along the Findhorn River, Scotland, invited me to sing and I joined in with a deeper song. In 2001, I first offered 'The Walk' in East Lothian, filmed by BBC Scotland. My listening eye has since led me to all sorts of awe-inspiring and wondrous places around the globe.

I am passionate about, and committed to, this historic moment of 'The Great Turning' and through my journeying into and over lands experience deeply Earth's urgency for us to dive down to Holy roots; to our inheritance in Imagination and Intelligence of Earth's Dreaming claiming our original mythopoetic voices.... returning with our unique and wild notes in service of Earth Community.

I live in Dunbar, Scotland, the birthplace of John Muir. I'm deeply involved with bringing the work of the Animas Valley Institute to Europe and am currently a Senior Apprentice with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute.


Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth’s Wisdom – Wendy Robertson Fyfe - (2018)

Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Mythopoetic Leanings

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Wendy Robertson Fyfe

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This event will be an interview conducted using a ZOOM video link that will be streamed to our live video page. You will be able to see and hear the conversation, as it is happening, and use the chat room to offer your own comments and questions.

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July 23
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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