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Making Best Use Of Supervision – Steve Page

February 5 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am GMT

Steve Page

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We will explore what we can do as supervisees to ensure that we get the best value we can, for ourselves and our clients, from our supervision. This involves being active co-creators, not passive recipients.

Using the five stages of the Cyclical Model as a loose framework, we will consider the contract between ourselves and our supervisor, how we decide what to focus upon in each session, our part in developing a truly open reflective space, forming the bridge from supervision back to our client work, and ways of keeping our supervision under review.

About Steve Page


Steve Page

I am a counsellor, coach, supervisor, and trainer working in independent practice, based in North Yorkshire. I have over 40 years experience as a supervisor and over 25 years experience in training supervisors.

With Val Wosket, I am co-author of "Supervising the Counsellor and Psychotherapist: A Cyclical Model" (3rd edition 2014) but it was first published in 1994. I'm also author of the "The Shadow and the Counsellor: Working with the Darker Aspects of the Person, the Role and the Profession" (1999).


Website: Steve Page

1) Supervising the Counsellor and Psychotherapist: A Cyclical Model (3rd edition) – Steve Page & Val Wosket - (July 2014)
2) The Shadow and the Counsellor: Working with the Darker Aspects of the Person, the Role and the Profession – Steve Page - (May 1999)

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This event will be an interview conducted using a ZOOM video link that will be streamed to our live video page. You will be able to see and hear the conversation, as it is happening, and use the chat room to offer your own comments and questions.

Recordings are usually posted to the library the day after the live event.

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February 5
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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