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Jackboot Meets Hand: The Asymmetrical & Paradoxical Experience of Power – Sebastian Heid

November 3 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm GMT

Sebastian Heid

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Most people seem to know exactly what they talk about when they talk about power, but what seems to be clearest in our experience of power is not the power that we have but the power we lack. When we talk about power in relationships, between people, or different groups of people, the situation becomes even more complicated, because there is no symmetry in the way we experience power.

A man and a woman walking past each other on an empty street at night. It is easy to make certain assumptions, but if we really want to know what kind of power dynamic is going on, we cannot just look at the general constellation or role of people and their gender in society, we need to get a sense of their concrete experience in that moment. And, what he or she experiences, can be, but does not have to be, related to what the other person in that situation experiences.

Or, imagine standing next to a person who is much taller than you. You might experience that as a power difference, while he might experience it as an inconvenience. Or vice versa. Imagine you are both standing in a room with a low ceiling which allows you to stretch out while he is forced to walk hunched over.

If every experience of power would be equally obvious to the person who has the power and the person who experiences the lack of power, discussions about power would probably be much easier. The problem is, one person's helplessness, which might show up as fear, anxiety, worries, or back pain, might not be at all visible to the person who does not experience it. And, looking at the circumstances abstractly from a distance reveals nothing about what is actually happening. This is why the only way to start making sense of power is to listen to and start with the minute concrete experiences of people.

This conversation is part of a series titled:
Deconstructing power: What are we talking about when we talk about power?

A lot of people might have heard about a book by Reni Eddo-Lodge called:
"Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race"

Intriguingly, this could easily be extended to a whole series:

  • Why I'm no longer talking to men about sexism
  • Why I'm no longer talking to cis people about gender
  • Why I'm no longer talking to young/old people about age
  • Why I'm no longer talking to rich people about money

Why do all these titles sound plausible? To me, it seems the underlying issue is that it is hard to talk to people who experience power differently. This is because I am a white, middle class, middle aged, educated man, i.e the typical person no-one wants to talk with about power. And, for a long time the way people talked about power just made no sense to me.

So, why is it so hard to talk about power? Starting from my personal struggle with understanding power, I came to see three main stumbling blocks: the way power is experienced, the kind of stories we tell about power, and the way how challenging these stories challenges the way we think about ourselves.

The rough plan for the sessions is:

  • Session 1: The devil and the detail - Why do we need to talk about power and what seems so hard about it
  • Session 2: Jackboot meets hand - The asymmetrical & paradoxical experience of power
  • Session 3: The power of narratives and the narratives of power
  • Session 4: The chemistry of power - how its different aspects work together

The sessions are being recorded live as part of the onlinevents interview programme and will be able to view in the onlinevents CPD Library.

About Sebastian Heid


I am a person-centred counsellor with a passion for the philosophy of the person-centred approach. I was born and raised in Germany but have lived in England for over twenty years now.

I used to work in academia as a speech scientist with a PhD in Phonetics and Speech Communication, and then earned money as a software engineer. I live in the hope that my interest in philosophy, business experience and knowledge of, and experience with the person-centred approach will one day form a beautiful synergy.

I worked for the last two years on trying to make sense of the role of power in the lives of my clients and our culture in general, and the many varied philosophical approaches to make sense of it. I am in the process to find a way to condense my notes on the topic into a book.

Sebastian Heid

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This event will be an interview conducted using a ZOOM video link that will be streamed to our live video page. You will be able to see and hear the conversation, as it is happening, and use the chat room to offer your own comments and questions.

Recordings are usually posted to the library the day after the live event.

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November 3
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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