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“Behind the Screen” Event Series – VIDEO REPLAYS

September 11, 2017 - January 29, 2018

Behind the Screen

"Behind the Screen" Series

The aim of the series of events is to provide an up-to-date overview of the opportunities and challenges that exist for therapists working in a technological age in 2017.

Behind the Screen

Each individual session will respond to a different theme. The complete series will help therapists to make informed choices about the use of computerised technology within their work, explore safety concerns, reflect on ethical challenges and direct them to sources of support, advice and further training.

The events will be of interest to counsellors who incorporate a variety of technological approaches into marketing their services, managing their practices etc. They will also be aimed at practitioners who are offering (or considering offering) online therapy, perhaps through web-cam/video sessions, audio or telephone communication, via instant messenger (IM) or through email.

Kate and Carole aim to make the events interactive.

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Introductory Session

[us_image image="177974" align="center"]Click Here To Watch Introductory The Session
[us_image image="177986" align="center"]Click Here To Download The Resource Guide

Session 1

Online Presence and Social Media for Therapists:

Setting Up an Online Practice in a Technological Era

[us_image image="180454" align="center"]Click Here To Watch Session 1
[us_image image="180455" align="center"]Click Here To Download The Resource Guide

Session 2

Ethical Issues, Boundaries, and Contracting:

Exploring Matters of Safety for Practitioners and Clients

[us_image image="188592" align="center"]Click Here To Watch Session 2
[us_image image="188595" align="center"]Click Here To Download The Resource Guide

Session 3

Working Therapeutically From a Distance Using Email or

Other Methods Involving Asynchronous Communication

[us_image image="195747" align="center"]Click Here To Watch Session 3
[us_image image="195748" align="center"]Click Here To Download The Resource Guide

Session 4

Working Therapeutically From a Distance in Real-time or Synchronously

[us_image image="196775" align="center"]Click Here To Watch Session 4
[us_image image="196776" align="center"]Click Here To Download The Resource Guide

About Kate Dunn


Kate Dunn

Kate Dunn is a psychotherapeutic counsellor, supervisor and consultant/trainer currently working in private practice both online and face-to-face. Whilst working as a counsellor in a university setting she established an online service and subsequently carried out research into the Online Therapeutic Relationship, supported by Seed Corn Funding from BACP. She has shared ideas resulting from this research in journal articles (including Therapy Today, Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Journal and TILT magazine) and in the book: “Psychotherapy 2.0: Where Psychotherapy and Technology Meet”, Edited by P Weitz, Karnac Books 2014.

Website: www.katedunncounselling.co.uk

About Carole Francis-Smith


Carole Francis-Smith

I am a counselling psychologist working in private practice. I currently provide therapy and supervision both face-to-face and online, run trainings for therapists considering working online (and other mental health/staff resilience areas), and business coaching for therapists setting up an online practice. My doctoral research was in the Online Therapeutic Relationship from which I also became fascinated by online communications in broader contexts, especially where these impact on the work of therapists and the experiences of clients. I'm an advocate of Compassionate Mind training/Compassion Focused therapy and have recently been taking a look at what can happen to compassion when communicating in online contexts. The Netiquette guidelines I produced are in the process of being adopted by the Compassionate Mind Foundation as good practice.


Website: Dr Carole Francis-Smith - Counselling Psychologist
Twitter: @Diamondleaf_Tr
Facebook Page: Diamondleaf training


September 11, 2017
January 29, 2018