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14th Annual Transactional Analysis Cumbrian Conference – Ray Little, Enid Welford, & Andy Williams

March 3, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm GMT

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Theme - Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards and the Maintenance of Clinical Boundaries


Keynote speaker (9:40 am): Ray Little

The maintenance of clinical boundaries in the management of erotic countertransference feelings.
The main focus of the workshop will be: The difficulty that erotic feelings can pose for therapists.
In this workshop we will review the nature of erotic feelings, how they can both enhance therapeutic work, as well as the manner in which they may pose difficulties for the therapist. One of the reasons for thinking about erotic/sexual sensations and feelings is to enable the therapist to work with these feelings without grossly acting them out. The danger with these feelings is the potential for sexual boundary violations.


AM Livestream Workshop (10:45 am): Enid Welford (TSTA)

Reachback and Afterburn: When past and future threaten the present.
Starting with Berne’s writing about reachback and afterburn, we will experiment together in this workshop with different ways of looking forward and looking backwards. We will consider the significance of the past and the future at different stages of life and which approaches to the boundaries between past, present and future are conducive to peace, and which are more likely to result in stress and anxiety.
This will be an interactive workshop, with some teaching, discussion and experiential exercises.


PM Livestream Workshop (2:00 pm): Andy Williams (TSTA)

Conceptualisation and treatment of Low Self-Esteem: The Toxicity of Looking Forward and Looking Backwards.
Low Self-Esteem may be characterised by the two components of “Negative Looking Backwards” with depressive rumination fueling a poor sense of self, and “Negative Looking Forwards”; the process of worry, predicting poor future outcomes and the future risk of shame. This workshop will present a conceptualisation of Low Self-Esteem to aid the client and therapist in mapping potential areas of treatment and some ideas of how to work with this presentation. By the end of the workshop we should all feel fantastic with high self-esteems!


Closing Plenary (4:30 pm)

About Ray Little


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About Enid Welford


Enid Welford

Enid Welford TSTA(P) started her TA career in the context of working with Mentally Disordered Offenders. She became aware of the family system as a vehicle whereby relationship patterns and associated trauma passed down the generations. She later worked as a trainer, supervisor, and colleague with Jane McQuillin at the Lakeland Institute in Ulverston, Cumbria. Together, they explored the interface between TA and Family Constellations, which dealt with difficulties in the family system often related to trauma experienced by previous generations.

Enid and Jane wrote an article for the TAJ on Groups in 2013, and Enid wrote a further article for the recent TAJ on Loss, Death, and Dying. Both articles have a focus of combining a TA theoretical framework with a Family Constellations approach, and accounting the family system as part of the client’s assets and difficulties.

Enid now works as a peripatetic trainer and runs a supervision and therapy practice from her base in South Manchester.



About Andy Williams


Andy Williams

Andy Williams (PTSTA) is a Certified Transactional Analyst and the Clinical Director of The Horsforth Centre for Psychotherapy in Leeds. As well as his passion for Transactional Analysis, he has trained in the Relational Approach for Counselling as well as being an accredited CBT Psychotherapist.

He supervises practitioners both in private practice and in their role as primary healthcare therapists and offers training in counselling and psychotherapy.


Website: The Horsforth Centre

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March 3, 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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