Category: Shame

Normalising Shame – Alison Ayres

Alison Ayres

In this hour I will introduce the ‘Innate Affects’, (Tomkins 1962, Nathanson 1992) and offer a brief introduction to shame in this context, including the Compass of Shame (Ayres 2014), relating this material to Berne’s existential Life Positions.

We will discuss how we can use and perhaps share these ideas with our clients, in order to help them to normalise their experience and I will offer the Compass of Resilience, my development of Nathanson’s model, as a process through which we can learn to stay in contact with others and with ourselves.

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Rage and Shame – Sue Parker Hall

Sue Parker Hall

In the trainings I deliver I have frequently been asked “what is the link between rage and shame?” Participants and myself have intuitively known that there is a strong relationship between them both. As a consequence I have been inspired to research the issue and have developed a model that articulates the connection between the two, and also a deeper understanding of how the therapeutic relationship can address these commonly presented, often perplexing, issues.

In this online interview I discuss a practice example of how a client may oscillate between rage and shame, the impact that this had on me as a therapist and how I worked with it.

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