Category: Post Traumatic Stress

Contact After Contact: TA and the Treatment of Combat-Related PTSD – David Harford

David Harford

David has worked in private practice in Edinburgh since 2008; his clinical work evenly divided between the provision of TA counselling and psychotherapy to Scottish armed forces veterans experiencing combat-related PTSD and a similar service for “civilian” individuals and couples from premises located in Leith.

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PTSD from a Multi Modal Perspective – Andy Williams

Andy Williams

In this discussion, Andy considered the changes that have taken place between the definitions of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in DSM-IV and DSM-V, and the ways in which this may inform our thinking about treatment of trauma as practitioners.

We discussed a triage approach to trauma, and looking at the importance of stabilisation as the initial treatment intervention, prior to further integrative work. We then discussed differing treatment modalities and what they may have to offer the practitioner and client in the treatment of trauma.

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