Category: Mindfulness

Mindfulness Skills for Therapists – Rita Harvey

Rita Harvey

In this workshop Rita will give you a “taster session” of her Mindfulness Skills training. We will practice together an exercise and talk about why mindfulness is so beneficial, for our clients, but also ourselves as therapists.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of mindfulness to participate and enjoy this time, and you can ask question and involve yourself “in the present moment”. All you need is an open mind and a gentle curiosity.

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Brains People Gain: TA and Mindfulness – Mark Head

Mark Head

Mindfulness is now widely used in mental health, organizational and educational settings. Furthermore, an increasing body of research suggests that mindfulness not just impacts on psychological health but the very structure of our brains. At the same time TA continues to be a valued approach in all of these settings.

This workshop seeks to explain mindfulness, and look at some of the research regarding its impact on psychological health and brain development. It will then look at how it may relate to TA and what a Mindfulness Based approach to TA might offer.

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Personal First Aid Kits – Jacqui Atkinson

Jacqui Atkinson

In this interview Jacqui talked about personal first aid kits as a self-care tool for counsellors, supervisors and their clients.

Self care, personal first aid kits has long been something Jacqui has firmly believed in as an essential part of being in a caring profession. She has developed her own kit over many years and taught students, clients and supervisees how to develop their own.

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