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Kinesthetic Empathy: How the Therapist’s Body Fuels and Facilitates the Therapy Relationship – Sissy Lykou

Sissy Lykou

In this session, we will explore the concept of kinesthetic empathy in therapeutic and also everyday relationships. We will also try to embody it – even whilst we are on-line together!

The dance movement psychotherapist Bonnie Meekums defines kinesthetic empathy as: ‘the process through which our own muscles respond to movement with which we are visually and empathically engaged, as if we were performing the same actions as we see’.

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WAPCEPC – Relationship, Empathy, and Cultural Differences – Iguaraya Morales

Iguaraya Morales

As a result of researching on the Venezuelan episteme (along with Dr. Alejandro Moreno), it was found that Venezuelans perceive themselves as “in-relationship”; they do not conceive themselves as individuals.
In consequence, as a Clinical Psychologist, I started thinking about the implications of these findings on the therapeutic relationship and the way empathy is established.

Rogers considered empathy and relationship concepts from a modern paradigm where the person is an individual self; but Venezuelan therapists need to overcome the phenomenology and take into account what has been lived and shared in the same life-world and hermeneutic horizon.

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