Category: Disability

Life Rolls On: Adapting to Life After a Spinal Injury – Trev Baker

Trev Baker

Trev will tell his story of the day that changed his life and the time spent in hospital. How getting involved with a charity called Back up enabled him to ski again and to experience sailing and quad biking which gave him confidence to pursue studies in sports coaching. Trev will talk about getting involved with a sports club called the SAND club which stands for see the ability not the disability and activities this has led to and working with younger adults with physical and behavioural issues in sport.

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The Internet and Me: Working Online with Chronic Pain – Olivia Djouadi

Olivia Djouadi

I have noticed in recent years hospitals are beginning to give questions on depression, anxiety and fatigue in relation to chronic health. As a result more people are noted as having extra concerns.

Due to the effects of illness it can be hard to travel so online counselling is ideal. Even if typing is too hard then live online sessions can be a good choice.

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A Relational Approach to Dyslexia – Janette Cameron

In this presentation Janette will describe the challenges of having a child in the education system who has dyslexia and her struggle to get the needed resources and understanding. Janette will describe the relational approach that she has developed in this experience and how vital it has been in this journey. She will also describe how this journey has impacted her working life and how her passion has led into campaigning to raise awareness of Dyslexia.

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