Category: Couples Counselling

Being with Others: Musings on Autonomy and Attachment – Jim Davis

Jim Davis

Being with others – at work, in intimate relationships, in therapy – faces us with a fundamental, inevitable, and lifelong challenge of both being fully, spontaneously, me and fully, securely, attached to you.

Jim presented some ideas on the inherently and developmentally relational nature of self, with implications for some key concepts in Transactional Analysis theory and practice.

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Couples in Recovery – Noel McDermott

Noel McDermott

Noel shared his experience of working with couples where one or both has issues of addiction or co-dependency. Where one or both may be in formal recovery groups such as AA or where one or both is in denial of their need for support into recovery from addiction or co-dependency. What is the impact of denial, trauma, cross-addiction, co-dependent loss of the victim-caretaker role?

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Person Centred Couples Counselling – Allan Turner & Kate Stubbings

Allan Turner

This is an important, but often neglected area of Person Centred Counselling. There is very little theoretical writing which is exclusively person centred, on this subject. This presentation is unashamedly person-centred and will focus on PCA theory as it is applied to couples work.

Our two presenters are both very experienced in the field with more than 40 years experience between them. They are both Senior Accredited members of BACP.

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