Category: Conflict Resolution

Northern Ireland Conflict, Trauma, and Mental Health – Kristine Abercrombie

Kristine Abercrombie

I would love to share my own personal experience of growing up in Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’, leaving just as the peace process began, and returning four years ago as a clinical psychologist to work with people in my community affected by the trauma of this period. The conflict in Northern Ireland, although steeped in much deeper history, started in the late 1960s, continuing until the 1990s, with dissident republican and loyalist groups continuing to attempt to upset the peace which has been obtained.

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Creative Approaches to Conflict and Conciliation from the Perspective of Dance Movement Psychotherapy – Sissy Lykou

Sissy Lykou

In this event, we will explore non-verbal means of dialogue via the expressive use of the body and movement. Often, frustrations boil over into anger when someone can’t find ‘the right words’. Similarly, when there is a real chance of conciliation, it doesn’t work out because logos (the word) isn’t adequate to carry it forward.

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