Category: Childhood Sexual Abuse

Working with Children and Young People: An Ethical and Legal Minefield? – Peter Jenkins

Peter Jenkins

There has been dramatic growth of counselling services for children and young people in the last decade, but counsellors continue to anxious about how best to provide therapy and also deal with safeguarding issues, self-harm, parental consent and other major challenges to confidentiality.

This session will explore some of these issues in the context of the author’s model of children’s rights, which has been specifically designed to support counselling with children and young people in England and Wales.

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How to Identify Grooming – Marilyn Hawes

Marilyn Hawes

In this event Marilyn will offer her demonstration of Grooming. Using a teddy bear she will present the abusers behaviour she saw over many years when her boys were abused by their head teacher. The sad part is she did not understand what she was watching and consequently could not protect her boys.

Being able to identify Grooming is a vital skill to identify and prevent the abuse of children, Marilyn will talk about how she has developed her skills and what she has learned educating professionals and parent groups.

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TA with Kids in Care: Being Part of a Therapeutic Community – Clifton Supple

Clifton Supple

Clifton Supple is Clinical Director of Physis Quantum ( recently established in Shropshire to work with children and young people who present a complex range of emotional needs, inappropriate / harmful sexualised behaviours, attachment disorders, abuse reactive behaviours and trauma.

He is intending to discuss the culture that been developed upon an explicit commitment to a whole team approach focused upon the integration of therapeutic care, educational provision and clinical components to maximise the opportunities and outcomes for the young people they support.

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