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Betrayal: An Inevitable Part of Human Relationships? – Robin Shohet

Robin Shohet

A spiritual teacher (Byron Katie) said, “I trust people 100% to do what they do.” If you think about it there can be no betrayal in such a world view.

The topic I would like to focus on in this talk is the breaking of psychological contracts. This is a contract that is not explicit but a deal that has been made in the eyes of one party, which the other may not have known about. For example, ” I take a short lunch break so I am entitled to leave early. You have no right to challenge my integrity.” Or, ” I rescued you from your family. I am entitled to an affair.”

Lurking behind these psychological contracts are core beliefs which we are often unconscious of. What I am suggesting is, that we can use the universal feelings of betrayal to access some of our deepest core beliefs, which do not serve us.

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