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The Digital mHealth Conversation Series 2019: Do Digital Health Interventions Increase Reach And Access To Groups And People Less Well Served By Traditional Mental Health Services (e.g. Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer people, Black And Ethnic Minorities, Men With Depression, People In Rural Areas, etc.)? – Philippa Weitz

The Digital mHealth Conversation Series 2019


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The Internet and Me: How I Make My Online Work Secure and Confidential – Philippa Weitz

Philippa Weitz

Caring for our clients, ensures we look after them to the highest possible standard, this includes thinking about issues of security and confidentiality.

Whilst this has always been a requirement for our face2face work, online there are new issues and challenges to think about. Indeed, whilst there are some basic issues to think about, it’s not always “a one size fits all” solution.

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