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The Being of the White Therapist – Sheila Haugh & Colin Lago

Sheila Haugh

In this presentation we will offer some reflection and ideas on this under explored arena of white therapist identity. We will discuss the notion of power and the concept of white as a norm. It is our hope to create an environment where we can all reflect on how the being of a white therapist can impact on us both personally and professionally.

Our vision for the structure of this keynote is to combine presentation for stimulus with an opportunity for reflection and thoughtfulness. We would like this keynote to provoke critical thought toward the systemic and personal implications of the being of the white therapist.

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Going Global: Why Bother? – Keemar Keemar, Colin Lago, Peggy Natiello, Carol Wolter-Gustafson, & John Wilson

Peggy Natiello

In this event Peggy, Carol, Colin, Keemar & John will talk about why they are putting so much time and energy into sustaining the Large Person-centred Group experience.

With so many people now convinced that whatever they do, or how hard they try, their energy will have no impact. Why bother to put any energy into groups. community relationship and Global Consciousness?

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To Have And To Hold: The Dilemma Of The Experienced Practitioner – Dot Clark & Colin Lago

Dot Clark

In this event Dot & Colin talk about their passion for engaging in and facilitating personal and professional development opportunities for themselves and for colleagues. to be helpful to experienced practitioners and to be helped.

Their questions include elements such as: How can we create these nurturing environments and have the courage to continue to step into these opportunities as experienced practitioners?

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Learning In An Unstructured Group – Dot Clark & Colin Lago

Dot Clark

An hour of conversation with Colin Lago and Dot Clark on their experiences of holding open learning environments.

Colin has, for some time now, been facilitating the Temenos Postgraduate Supervision Training using this mode of learning, and Dot has joined him as co-facilitator on the last two courses. The next course is due to begin in October 2014.

The aim of creating such a learning environment is to enable participants to take responsibility for their own learning process and to support the making of meaning within a rich context of appropriate resources and relationships.

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Part 1 – On Fully Meeting the ‘Other’: The Challenge of Diversity – Colin Lago

Colin Lago

Colin addressed the meaning and challenges of diversity as it applies to users and professionals within the caring professions. Sadly, the consistent patterns of discrimination and oppression are regularly reported in research into different ‘caring’ work environments within the arena of diversity. Colin explored such questions as: who is different and divers from whom? How and why does ‘difference’ impact upon helping relationships? What can professionals do to achieve change? Various ideas for training, development and professional practice will be introduced in the lecture.

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