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The Internet and Me: Social Networking and Tutoring Online – Mieke Haveman

Mieke Haveman

I am looking forward to discussing what is the same and what is different when tutoring face to face and tutoring online, facilitating learning online, with no in person contact raises a number of interesting questions.

I also teach courses on building websites and social networking and look forward to spending some time discussion how to use social networks ethically. What networks to be using and some top tips for effective social networking.

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The Internet and Me: Self-help and Facilitated Support Online – Denise Meyer

Denise Meyer

Dr Denise Meyer developed the award-winning Students Against Depression website, and has managed its growth as a trusted resource for students and those helping them (as well as many non students) over its 10 year history.

In this interview Denise will talk about how the project has responded to evidence about how to make self-help more helpful, and about recent developments to make it easier for therapists and other support workers to use the site for structured guided self-help.

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The Internet and Me: How I Make My Online Work Secure and Confidential – Philippa Weitz

Philippa Weitz

Caring for our clients, ensures we look after them to the highest possible standard, this includes thinking about issues of security and confidentiality.

Whilst this has always been a requirement for our face2face work, online there are new issues and challenges to think about. Indeed, whilst there are some basic issues to think about, it’s not always “a one size fits all” solution.

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The Internet and Me: Working Online with Chronic Pain – Olivia Djouadi

Olivia Djouadi

I have noticed in recent years hospitals are beginning to give questions on depression, anxiety and fatigue in relation to chronic health. As a result more people are noted as having extra concerns.

Due to the effects of illness it can be hard to travel so online counselling is ideal. Even if typing is too hard then live online sessions can be a good choice.

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Building Your Own WordPress Website – Mieke Haveman

Mieke Haveman

Mieke Haveman from Mieke’s marketing for Counsellors talked about her upcoming Build your own WordPress website course (offered through online training for counsellors).

Mieke’s Screen ShareBut you will get something extra during this interview. We will do screen sharing on air so you can have a look at her computer. She will give you a peek of what the back end of WordPress looks like. Back end is the area where you build your website and viewers don’t get to see.

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How To Write for Your Website To Attract Clients – Mieke Haveman

Mieke Haveman

Mieke has a passion and a flare for marketing Therapy and Coaching practices via the internet. As a regular blogger, tweeter and Facebook user Mieke has built up an expertise that she is now using to help Therapists and Coaches to find their ideal clients.

In this interview Mieke talked about how to write for your website in a way that will speak to the clients who will most benefit from what you offer. This will include describing how best to use the front page of a website, how to structure a website and a some thoughts about social media.

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Challenge of Online Supervision – Anne Stokes

Anne Stokes

Is online supervision appropriate, effective or even ethical? As technology moves ever forward we find ourselves able to make contact with our counselling supervisors and supervisee’s via email, text messaging and even video conferencing. These mediums are obviously different from meeting in a face to face context and raises questions around the ethics and effectiveness of this kind of work.

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