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The Choice Agenda: Is IAPT Getting the Balance Right for Clients Between CBT and Counselling? – Catherine Jackson & Mike Trier

Following up on the previous two sessions on the differences/similarities between CBT and person–centred counselling, the third session moves on to discuss the wider policy context and the implementation of the IAPT programme.

A recent UKCP survey suggests psychotherapy is no longer valued within the NHS. Catherine Jackson and Mike Trier invite you to join a discussion looking at the implications of IAPT for clients, practitioners and for the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

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Beyond the Frontiers of Person-centred Purism: Pluralism and Experiencing Diversity of Therapeutic Practices – WAPCEPC Online Event with Mick Cooper

Mick Cooper

In recent years, Mick Cooper has been working with John McLeod to develop a ‘pluralistic’ approach to therapy, which Mick has described as a person-centred ‘metatherapeutic’ approach. That is, a person-centred way of thinking about the therapeutic field as a whole.

This dialogue will explore the concept of pluralism and its implications for person-centred theory and practice: introducing research and theory on client preferences, therapeutic goals, and ‘metatherapeutic communication’: talking with clients about the process and focus of therapy.

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