Category: Expressive Arts Psychotherapy

The Exploration of Imagery and Response Art in Clinical Supervision – Diane Rode, Morgan Stojanowski, & Sarah Yazdian

Diane Rode

In this session, which will combine taped clinical supervision encounters with live, interactive discussion, we will explore ‘response art’ and imagery in dialogue with two Child Life Specialists who work with children and adults at The Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital in New York City in Pediatric Medical/Surgical environments.

The value of artmaking by supervisees and refection of this work within Supervision will be explored as well as the discussion of various art-based supervision techniques focused on facilitating the capacity for reflection and self-awareness in supervisees.

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Kinesthetic Empathy: How the Therapist’s Body Fuels and Facilitates the Therapy Relationship – Sissy Lykou

Sissy Lykou

In this session, we will explore the concept of kinesthetic empathy in therapeutic and also everyday relationships. We will also try to embody it – even whilst we are on-line together!

The dance movement psychotherapist Bonnie Meekums defines kinesthetic empathy as: ‘the process through which our own muscles respond to movement with which we are visually and empathically engaged, as if we were performing the same actions as we see’.

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