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The Choice Agenda: Is IAPT Getting the Balance Right for Clients Between CBT and Counselling? – Catherine Jackson & Mike Trier

Following up on the previous two sessions on the differences/similarities between CBT and person–centred counselling, the third session moves on to discuss the wider policy context and the implementation of the IAPT programme.

A recent UKCP survey suggests psychotherapy is no longer valued within the NHS. Catherine Jackson and Mike Trier invite you to join a discussion looking at the implications of IAPT for clients, practitioners and for the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

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Anger: How Do We Deal With It In (and Out of) the Counselling Room? – Elaine Davies & Mike Trier

Elaine Davies

In the second ‘Conversations about CBT’ Online Event, Elaine Davies (CBT) and Mike Trier (PCA) will focus on ‘Anger’ – in and outside the counselling room.

The discussion will be based on one or two client based scenarios and will tease out the similarities and differences in their approaches.

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Differences and Similarities Between CBT and the Person Centred Approach – Elaine Davies & Mike Trier

Elaine Davies

Elaine Davies, a CBT practitioner, and Mike Trier, a Person Centred counsellor, are discussing how they work with clients. They will each outline key theory that informs their practice, and use this as a basis for discussing similarities and differences in their casework.

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Dropping to the Universal: Engaging with the Potential Space to Give Voice to Traumatic Woundings – Noel McDermott

Noel McDermott

Exploring indirect and creative ways of approaching traumatic material in clients where direct talking approaches may be inappropriate or not possible.

Making meaning from a traumatic history or event is crucial in moving on and integrating the experience. As is reprocessing the emotional content to alleviate the stress of flashbacks, depression, anxiety, sleep problems and so on often associated with sever or multiple trauma.

Dealing with the trauma directly can often be contra-indicated if there are issues of age (working with young children), comorbidity with substance misuse relapse, shame, cultural and ethnic barriers to western approaches to talking therapy.

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Working with Anxiety Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Hilda Smith

Hilda Smith

Hilda was Training Manager in NHS Ayrshire and Arran until Dec 2004 when, having retrained, she decided to expand her work as an independent Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She consults in Glasgow and Ayrshire. Hilda is BABCP Accredited and UKCP registered and works with people with a number of emotional disorders and unhelpful behaviours.

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