Category: Working with Children & Young People 2015

Putting Children & Young People in the Driving Seat – Amrita Ahluwalia & Glenn Liddall

Amrita Ahluwalia

We are currently consulting with young people across the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian to ascertain what the issues of the day are for them and how they consider PKH could respond. PKH will then develop and trial a project to support children and young people based on these findings.

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The Many Roles of the School Counsellor: Jack of All Trades and Master of One – Sue Lewis & Emma Yates

Sue Lewis

An exploration of the additional roles and skills needed to run an effective school counselling service.

Working in a school environment makes complex demands on the counsellor. The relationships outside the counselling room are vital to the smooth running (and continued funding) of a school counselling service. Sue and Emma discuss the additional roles and skills required to run an effective service within a school context.

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Counselling MIndEd – Helen Coles

Helen Coles

Helen will talk to us about the Counsellng MindEd project that BACP has developed with the Department of Health(DH) in the UK.

Counselling MindEd is part of a wider funded MindEd project funded by the DH which is a free resource to help anyone working with children and young people to notice what might develop into mental health difficulties. This kind of early intervention is intended to help adults help children and young people to avoid years of needless suffering due to lack of information.

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