Category: Working with Children & Young People 2014

A Person Centred Approach to Counselling Children and Young People: The Benefits, the Challenges, and Some Thoughts on Counsellor Training – Sue Lewis

Sue Lewis

In this presentation Sue intends to set out her thinking on the person centred approach’s contribution to working with children and young people, to explore some of the benefits and challenges of working in this way and to start a conversation about a person centred approach to the development of counsellors of children and young people.

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It’s the Law, Isn’t it? – Susan McGinnis

Susan McGinnis

Every time we take on a new referral or leave our notes in a locked filing cabinet in a school there are legal and ethical principles at work.

Working with children and young people can present us with challenges, large and small, that demand thoughtful and rigorous processes of decision-making.

This presentation aims to address the fear or boredom with which counsellors can view the law and to provide clear, simple concepts to support resolving ethical dilemmas. It will include a discussion of responsibilities, rights, consent, confidentiality and making disclosures.

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A Relational Approach to Dyslexia – Janette Cameron

In this presentation Janette will describe the challenges of having a child in the education system who has dyslexia and her struggle to get the needed resources and understanding. Janette will describe the relational approach that she has developed in this experience and how vital it has been in this journey. She will also describe how this journey has impacted her working life and how her passion has led into campaigning to raise awareness of Dyslexia.

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