Category: Working with Children & Young People 2013

“Holding the Space”: Wilderness Psychotherapy with Looked After Young People – Simone Silverpath

Simone Silverpath

Wilderness Psychotherapy is at the cutting edge of psychotherapy. Child at Heart works with the Four Shields, an earth based ecopsychology model that acknowledges the cycles and seasons in nature and how they affect our lives, in other words, we show our clients how to work with the teachings of the land.

We take young people through the Four Shields, which are a psychological and physical map of all nature, of which we are a part. We bring young people into Holding the Space, a radical approach to working with trauma and abuse. This is a therapeutic model that focuses on the building of community and on non violent conflict resolution.

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Why Do We Counsel Children and Young People? – Katherine Porter & Carol Targett

Katherine Porter

Katherine and Carol engaged in a dialogue about why they offer counselling to children and young people and why they train others to do the same. The dialogue was inspired by their own discussions around what they could offer to the conference as trainers and practitioners.

The Presentation is concluded by a thought provoking and moving story that led to an audience discussion about the practical and political issues around working with Children & Young People.

This presentation was a reflective end to a conference packed full of learning about working with Children & Young People.

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Working Relationally to Explore the Impact of Trauma in Children and Adolescents – Amanda Phillips & Stephanie Cooke

Amanda Phillips

In this workshop we will explore the emotional and relational impact of trauma on children. This will include a brief overview of the impact of trauma on brain development and attachment patterns. Through the use of clinical examples we will demonstrate how to work effectively and safely with trauma.

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