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Trauma Resilience: A Personal Perspective – Martin Weaver

Martin Weaver

Working with clients who have faced trauma and seeing them recover and grow is a satisfying and rewarding experience. And yet, as the therapist, what happens when we are involved in trauma?

John Wilson talks to psychotherapist Martin Weaver about his personal journey through childhood bereavement, the age of AIDS/HIV, family death, and now cancer. They explore how we can and perhaps should make the best use of our skills and experiences as therapists to ensure our own resilience through life’s major and minor traumas. Participants will be encouraged to ask their own questions and make their own observations during the conversation.

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Northern Ireland Conflict, Trauma, and Mental Health – Kristine Abercrombie

Kristine Abercrombie

I would love to share my own personal experience of growing up in Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’, leaving just as the peace process began, and returning four years ago as a clinical psychologist to work with people in my community affected by the trauma of this period. The conflict in Northern Ireland, although steeped in much deeper history, started in the late 1960s, continuing until the 1990s, with dissident republican and loyalist groups continuing to attempt to upset the peace which has been obtained.

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