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Core Characteristics of Addiction and Recovery – Noel McDermott

Noel McDermott

In this session Noel will look at some of the core characteristics of addiction. The psychological features that are common across all fifteen recognised addictions. He will go through the fifteen recognised addictions and explain how they link.

He will look at issues in assessment and treatment. Using his clinical experience to present a humanistic and holistic view of addiction. He will look at how the issues manifest in family work and dealing with dysfunctional family systems. Noel will look at trauma and it’s relationship to addiction and treatment in recovery He will present on what we know about addiction science.

Noel will in the second section of the hour look at recovery. Explaining what it is as a concept and how it relates to addiction, codependency and family systems treatment.

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Is Recovery From An Eating Disorder Possible? – Kel O’Neill

Kel O'Neill

One of the questions most commonly asked my clients and other health care professionals me is: “is recovery from an Eating Disorder even possible?”

I believe our understanding of recovery as the professionals has a profound impact upon the recovery process. In the one hour session I will explore with you what national statistics, service users and my experience has to say on this topic.

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Global Online Support & Counselling for the Problem Gambling Community – Jane Fahy

Jane Fahy

Jane Fahy would love to talk to people with an interest in either online support and counselling and how that works on a global stage, or people with a desire to learn more about problem gamblers and their suitability for online support. She manages the delivery of synchronous and asynchronous support in groups and one to one, and also integrate the use of technology into various types of face to face support for problem gamblers which she’d be happy to explore with those listening.

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Common Pitfalls and Frustrations Encountered by Practitioners Working with Dependancy – Sarah Loeb

Sarah Loeb

Sarah Loeb specialises in supervising counsellors who work with clients affected by substance use and has written and facilitated various courses training practitioners on working with issues related to substance use and dependence.

In her supervision and training work she often encounters similar anxieties, concerns and frustrations presented by counsellors and psychotherapists who are working with issues connected to dependency

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Technology Enhanced Recovery: Getting Connected – Michaela Jones

Michaela Jones

Technology in all its forms has become a fundamental part of how we live our lives. Yet its value has still to be fully explored within the substance misuse sector. Why is there such reluctance and what benefits can it bring?

This presentation will attempt to bust some of the myths around who uses technology and explore how being online can support and sustain long-term recovery.

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Neuroscience in Adventure Therapy – Richard Lannowe Hall

Richard Lannowe Hall

When the left brain and right brain are engaged at the same time and the client focuses on specific issues the changes are quick and efficient, nothing that new here. But when this process is combined with different aspects of marine adventure therapy, through states of being, doing and thinking the results are dramatic.

Richard is looking forward to describing the work he does working with people in recovery, what he has learned in how to set up the environment, group processing and the magic of being outdoors. Richard is hoping that we will help him to further his understanding of what he is noticing in his work with clients.

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