Cal Nield

My professional journey to being a therapist began in the NHS over 30 years ago when I started out in the NHS in mental health. This has provided a wonderfully rich experience of working with dedicated skilled colleagues and with wonderfully resilient people, who show courage in facing the kind of exploration that therapy entails.

As a psychotherapist with almost 20 years experience in that role and over 10 years in independent practice, I remain as passionate about the work now as ever. As a cognitive analytic psychotherapist, my focus is on the relationship, past and present, and work in therapy using the immediate 'in the room' experience shared within the therapeutic space. Working online, this space is a metaphorical, inter subjective one, and I have had to scrutinize my own understanding about how therapists can work with transference and counter transference at a distance, and how this medium can lend itself well. Having completed the diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy within the Academy, I also now enjoy contributing to the academy as a tutor.